7C goes to the farm “Gut Hixholz”

On Friday the 21st October 2022 we went to an awesome farm called “Gut Hixholz”.

Last year in year 6 we had a discussion about what life is better on the farm or in the city so that’s why we went to see for ourselves.

The farm is located in the city “Velbert”

On the farm we saw many animals like sheep,cows,chicken,bunnys & donkeys and the farmers dog and many stray cats were always with us.

We were able to ask the farmer many questions about the animals on the farm and farm life in general.

On the farm we fed the animals and helped the farmer by shoving hay to the cows.   

We learned that cows must eat 40kg hay a day at the minimum and chicken are able to semi fly for a couple of seconds.