Adventure week of class 7c

Unfortunately our class couldn’t go on a class trip because of corona but we had a really nice adventure week that our class teacher planned for us. So from the 27th September till the 1st October 2021 we went on 5 different day trips.


We were in the Phänomania Erfahrungsfeld in Essen. It was like a touch, try experience moment. There were objects that you could either see or touch, basically using your 5 senses and it was really creative.


We were in the zoo in Duisburg. There were so many animals. It was like a day in a jungle full of animals.


We were in the Planetarium in Bochum. We saw a show about the stars. It felt like you were outside at night watching the stars.


We were in Neoliet climbing hall in Essen. It was fun but you needed a lot of trust at first to come down but it felt so nice slowly coming down while being attached to the rope.


We were in Moviepark in Bottrop. There were so many rides there. But of course you needed a lot of trust for the roller coasters and just stay cool.

The whole week was really great but we liked Moviepark the best. It was like a real life dream. There were so many rides and a lot more. And you could fear your biggest fear. Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you liked our adventure week as much as we did. Have a wonderful day.

Class 7c